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Thread: sensor-line following robot

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    Default sensor-line following robot


    I am making a line following robot for the first time.I am planning to use IR emittor(LED) and TSOP1738 sensor. Can anyone please tell me how do i distuinguish or detect different colours using this sensor? I need to distinguish white from green, black from green, also black from white. So how r we supposed to carry on to do this. Also i need to work with the robot in the day time....keeping this in view can anyone tell whether TSOP is the choice or is there any alternative to detect the differnece between colours....Reply soon...Also tell me whether the clock of Atmega16(MCU) be used for the IR emittor(LED)....its urgent...please reply soon

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    Hello SRD

    Tsop1738 is not at all advisable for line following(because its too good for that :lol: ) use L14F1, its a phototransistor works very well for the application of IR. I have tried and tested it successfully for the purpose of line following.

    I do`nt understand Why you need color sensor, as in most of the competitions, you require to sense only white line over black and vice versa.

    And yes, you can easily generate 38khz of pulse function from ATmega. But if you are using L14F1, you do`nt require to generate 38Khz .

    this link could be helpful for you.

    All the best for your project.

    Siddharth Dev

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    L14F1 is bit costly. Try using IR diodes. IR pair (transmitter + receiver diode) comes for just 10 Rs. To know how to wire IR diode .. see this :
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    IR Tx n Rx LED pair is pretty fine for line following and you dont need anything more than this. A little bit of intelligent placement of sensors and a smooth code can create a wonderful line follower out of this arrangement.

    This Ir Tx-Rx Led pair is very easy to get and solder too, so a moral booster for a beginner :-) All the best !
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