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Thread: Digital Camera C3088 OV6620

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    Default Digital Camera C3088 OV6620

    i'm using a Digital Camera C3088 OV6620 ofr my project. that uses the ATmega controller. please some one help me where to buy the camera within short time. i'm in madurai(tamilnadu). plz someone help me out with this. we should finish this before this month

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    m fm delhi n require the digital cam C3088 module too...really urgent....plz if ue get or hv ny information regd d same plzz send a mail or post here....thxx..

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    Guess this is too late, anyway I have C3088 modules available.
    Let me know if you are still interested.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kasper View Post
    I have C3088 modules available.
    kasper, Im interested, please contact me:

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    Have a look at the date of post.....close this thread.
    Redefine it your way!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by akshay66 View Post
    Have a look at the date of post.....close this thread.
    Have a look at the dates of the posts:

    First post by Jerryvikram on 02-11-2008

    Reply by kasper about five months later on 03-23-2009

    Whats the matter ? Do you think the guys are dead by now ?

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    no jorloujr, no.

    no one have any idea if they are dead or not.

    But the first guy have not visited this site after 2008, and the second guy after 2009.
    If you have a bit of common sense, you will understand what everyone mean. If you still cant understand, well. we are all just helpless.
    .... I didnt do it ! ....

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