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    I saw a stepper motor, which i am gona buy. But it has 6 terminals, the motors which we used in our college used to have 5 terminals(one common & 4 coils).

    Now how do I identify the common and the coil terminals in that and is there any way to identify whether it is unipolor or bipolor or ......

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    the 6 wire stepper can be run in either unipolar or bipolar configuration.
    although bipolar configuration usually gives better performance than unipolar configuration but if the motor is designed as unipolar and u use a bipolar driver of same current rating u might saturate the core and not get any extra performance out from it.

    so if u r not worried about the extra marginal performance u can safely use it in unipolar configuration (5-wire). the 6 terminals are baically 2 coils with centre taps. 3 terminals will be electrically isolated from the other 3.
    measure resistances between the 3 terminals which are electrically connected. the resistance between centre-tap and coil end will be some R and resistance between coil ends will be 2R. once u have identified both centre taps, connect them together and use it as the 5th wire in ur unipolar driver.


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    how to identify whtr the motor is unipolar r bipolar?

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    5 or 6, i think both would be unipolar.
    the only difference between 5 and 6 would be if the central tap on the coil needs 2 sources or one, i.e are they tied or not.

    bipolar would lack centre taps, unipolar would have them

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