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Thread: Chess Playing Robot - Robotic arm mechanism required

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    Default Chess Playing Robot - Robotic arm mechanism required

    I am developing a chess playing robot - A robot that is capable of playing chess against a human opponent. All software and hardware modules such as game engine, control program, microcontroller, chess board etc are completed and works properly as expected. But only the robotic arm is not working properly.

    The role of robotic arm in the project is: It should be capable of moving chess a coin(weights only less than 10 gm) from any location on the board to any other location.
    The dimension of the board is: length = 20cm, width = 20cm
    dimension of each locations are: length = 2.5cm, width = 2.5cm
    height of coin is 2cm
    weight of coin is less than 10gm

    First I developed a 4 axis robotic arm with a gripper, but it was in accurate, weighty, complicated to control and had many other problems.

    Next I developed a robot with x, y, z locating mechanisms with an electric magnet to grip coins. It works accurately but it is too slow and not look like a human hand. To complete a chess game it may take even a day!!!.

    Still I have to develop a robot arm for the project that is Accurate, Fast, look like a Human Hand and with commercial quality.

    Please send your kind valuable suggestions to me

    If you know something about below please inform me

    Is there any enterprise can help me to build such a robot arm ?

    Is there any ready made robot arms available that achieve the above requirements ?

    Can somebody help me to build the mechanical parts of the robot ?

    Thank you for reading
    Expect your kind valuable suggestions and comments
    Knowledge is nothing but Experience

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    There are plenty of readymade toy arms that can do these thing accurately.
    But looking like a human arm?? That's quite a challenge.
    .....and doing like one?? a greater challenge.
    I'm not saying impossible; Just translate challenge=lots of money.
    Most people make Arms using metal. This is not necessary all the time. Wood and any number of plastics can reduce weight and heavier motors and costs considerably. We use wood for all our arms and they work quite well.
    The best way to do it is by using pneumatic muscles. There are some great Air Muscles developed by J.L. McKibben during the 50's, that has been the rage of the animatronic prosthesis world just now. Try the Shadowrobot website for more......
    I love arms. My students have won several prizes under my mentorship.
    If you are keen, just keep this thread alive!! :wink: ( Many people have started a thread and have disappeared completely, even without a thankyou)

    These Shadowrobot hands are beauties!!!

    ^Anything is possible..
    after YOU prove it!!

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    hi vigyan
    check this link
    it might help you. A similar kind of project

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    Default Thank u for ur valuable reply

    Thank u so much for ur valuable reply vallikrant & docel.The links was very helpfull.


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    Default Robotic arm with rover

    i have designed robotic arm with rover as my engineering project.
    for details :

    u can contact me :

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    Default Thank u canute Ur Link was usefull

    Thank u canute Ur Link was usefull

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