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Thread: artificial muscle using ferrofluid

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    Hi, i am thinking since a while to replace linear actuators with an artificial muscle using ferrofluid.
    Since i don't know much about this substance, i would liket o know if my idea is feasible before spending a fortune on materials.
    Everyone knows about a company called shadow robotics, they uses pneumatic linear actuators.
    My idea is as follows : use the same principle instead of air, the 'muscle' contains ferrofluid , a coil is wound inside this rubber tube .
    When current is applied the ferrofluid move towars the center of the tube, acting like air inflating the same tube, reduncing the lenght and producing a force.
    Is this possible ? is the ferrofluid such responsive to current ?
    I think that lots of ampere are needed to produce a noticeble change in lenght.

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    Ferro fluid has a property of change in density and not contraction or expansion as in fiber materials used in robotics. If you want to use some thing of like that than ferro fluid is not for you.
    Try searching for a material where the reaction to external energy [electrical or magnetic or chemical] is change in volume. either contraction or expansion of the material. not liquid or solid.
    I hope I have helped you.

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