Complete with detailed step-by-step plans, this almost-ready-to-run kit comes with pre-assembled modules making it quick and easy to build. Best of all, your robot is compatible with Vex Motion and Structure parts allowing you to expand and grow your robot. Educators should visit Vex Robotics Design System for the ideal starter kit for the classroom.

VEXplorer for hobbyists includes:

* Spycam that can broadcast to your TV, with sound!
* Gripper arm
* Radio controlled
* Over 300 parts included:
o Four variable speed motors
o Multiple gears
o All-terrain tires
o Preassembled modules make VEXplorer easy to build
* Spare/Replacement parts sold separately
* Some components compatible with original VEX systems
* No Programming Kit Needed
* Includes FREE SolidWorks Student Design Kit
o XP compatible only

The only glitch that i could see so far is the non-programmability of the system.I had contacted the customer support and they told me that it is not programmable.But they couldn't confirm whether the future version would be.However,tou can find on the net instances where people have used PICAXE microcontrollers to convert the data into a serial fashion and have made this programmable.This retails for about 150 us$