Spykee is a robot construction kit developed by Meccano (Meccano is known as 'Erector' in the USA). The Meccano company is well known from its bolts and nuts assembling system, which was already patented in 1901. During the Consumer Electronics Show 2007 (CES2007) in Las Vegas Meccano announced their latest addition to their product portfolio: Spykee.

From the 210 parts that you receive three different models can be constructed: a robot, a scorpion and a space vehicle. By the way, all parts are compatible with other Meccano parts.

With Spykee you can do many things:

* Spy robot. Spykee can be controlled within your home network using a WiFi connection. Just install some software on your PC or Mac and you can remotely send commands to Spykee. The video and sound from Spykee's webcam are transmitted to your computer.
* Telepresence. Because Spykee has a WiFi connection it can easily connect to the Internet. This opens up many new possibilities for the robot, such as remotely controlling your robot from any place in the world via Internet.
* Digital music player. Spykee has a 2W loudspeaker. So just send MP3 music to Spykee and you can enjoy your music.
* VOIP phone. Use the Spykee robot together with Skype, MSN or GoogleTalk to talk with your friends! Because Spykee is mobile, you can now talk with your friend from any place in your house.
* Video surveillance. Spykee can be programmed to send you an email whenever it sees things that are suspicious. Your robot will now guard your room!
* Infrared auto-park recharging. Mobile robots have a limited time to operate due to their batteries. Spykee is a smart robot that will automatically recharge itself when its batteries are low.

The company wants to sell it for around 250 us$-300us$.But the release dates have been postponed at least twice.This is a good deal for the price and could be the first commercial house security robot at this price range.But the release dates not being met by the company makes me wonder if they are going to afford selling all this within the price!