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Thread: Looking for a microcontroller developer for Robotics

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    Default Looking for a microcontroller developer for Robotics

    Hi ,

    I am looking for some one who can develop a micro controller with input keys & an LCD display which can control 3 stepper motors. The sequence & cordinates will be fed thru the key pad. This should be kept in memory & should repeat the task for any number of times. An additional input ( a didgital input to MC)should also be provided inorder to inter lock the robot with other mechanisms.

    Any body intrested pls contact me for more details

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    I can do that but only after 20th may coz i am not free now. If u are not in hurry then we may talk.
    Avinash Gupta

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    May be late now.
    If required contact me for the development with 89s52.
    Located at Bangalore,


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