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    Dear All,
    Now days m working on a new project , its a part of automated warehousing.
    Its a electric forklift and 24vdc is the main supply.
    i've used industrial grade controller for the operation like lifting loading moving. But now m in trouble regarding the safety issue. i have to make it much safer coz it will be running on its own,first of all laser scanner on all side to detect presence of any human beyond the safe distance and for the safe distance from walkway. Now problem is industrial grade scanners are too expensive n i need 4 of them. Do anyone ever tried to make laser distance scanner with scanning area of 120 degrees.
    Or is there anyother way to do it.

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    Using laser is a good idea. I have tried for the same. Do you want to measure distance with the laser sensor?? If yes than it is very difficult with laser since the speed of light is very high so you cannot measure it by time. Generally the distance in laser is measured by the camera mounted near laser source and then measuring the point at which the beam is pointed. For different distances you will get laser point at different position. I did it with a simple software with VB. If you are just making for obstacle detection then it is ok.

    If you want to control it by MCU it is very diffficult since you will need a CCD input to the MCU.

    There is one more option for for you. You can use any ultrasonic sonar distance measurement sensors. They really give a very precise distacnce. They range upto 8 meters. I have used SRF05 once. It was giving 4 Meters of ranging very precisely. Also the beamwidth of these sensors is very high. In my case it was the only problem but in your case you may not need to move your sensor because it will give detection for 90 degrees!!

    I just came to know that MAXSONAR sensors of 6.45Meters are available with Also the price is very less.

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    Nice to hear from you,
    Its like i wanna use laser as human detector also the distance and that has to be very precise. Ultra sonic is good enough for small distance and its not precise as beam use to distract as distance increases.
    Hope to get a cheap solution with laser.
    I m just thinking how about if i make a large scale barcode reader............................ :?: . Coz barcode reader itself is a 2d scanner for barcodes but its not impossible to make it work for ranging and detection. :idea:
    what u say

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