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    hi all,

    i am graduate from a non science background and am running my own business which is well set and thus have reasonable time to pursue items of my interest. robotics seems just the thing for me since i saw a program on discovery about 15 days back.

    i've done lot of googling, but could not find where to start. I do not know nething about meechanical or electronics apart from what an above average commerce student would know..

    i would really appreciate if anything could guide where/how can i start to learn about these things...i don't wish to join a regular course, but a self study method / material which i can use at my own speed, slowly yet steadily...

    i would like to learn about mechanics, electronics, control systems, sensors, etc...but do not know the sequence in which i should go about...any help from someone learned in this matter would be greatly appreciate...

    in return i can help you in any matter related to finance or business planning/guidance

    thanks a ton,


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    Default hi

    hi karan..welcome to the robotics world......

    well according to me there r three fields to excel for robotics
    1) mechanical (motors, gears, construction)
    2) electronics (sensors, driver circuits, power supply, control logic circuits)
    3) programming ( microcontroller and/or PIC)

    generally, on this site i find persons who belong to one of this field have good knowlede of the other and want to learn the third. as u r new to all the 3 fields, it will be a little tough for u........ but whats life without challenges.......

    my recommendation to u is first to self analyse urself........ u have watched a show and are fantasized by the power they have..... magical things they can do....... and u want to control that powerful machine (don't worry there r millions of others with same problem including me)...... but the thing is, r u really interested in building robots from scratch (my favorite) or u just want to have something called robot with ur name over it ....something like the readymade lego kits (i hate them,,,,, sorry debu)......

    think over it. the first way need a lot of time, patience, will and most importantly HARD WORK......the second way need a little time, some skill , and most importantly MONEY.....

    just think deeply and reply which way u want to go...

    some points which can help u to think that u can go with first option:
    1) u need some place for setting ur small workshop... believe me more messier is more better.... u will turn that place in a junkyard within a month...
    2) TIME: its not like a hobby of watching TV, reading books, or listening music..... its a hardcore, time consumming work....
    3) as u are not associated with any institute u have to get some devices for urself.... things which we get from college like breadboard, multimeter, CRO(very less frequently), basic mechanical toolkit,cutter, driller,etc.... so first get serious before u invest some money here.......
    4) help from outer world: no matter how rich u r, u can't buy a lathe for ur home(a machine which is given the status of being the center of the world among mechanical tools)..... also at initial stage i wont recomment u to buy the microcontroller programmer kit.... so u have to look in ur city for the place where u can get some help from ( of cource they wont be free)......
    5) availability of components: search for a decent shop where u can get various robotics components... u can't find them on any electronics shop.....
    6) u need a brain ready to learn and a mind redy to get failed (here sucess comes only after a lot of failures)
    7) and finally........ FUN.... i cant find anything more exciting than this.....

    just think before u jump........ and if u r sure u want to walk the hard way u r most welcome to this site...... people here r always ready for any help...... what u need to do is to just ............"ASK"........

    best of luck.....

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    You said it all, Ashish!!!!! :lol:
    ....a good intro for a newbie!
    ^Anything is possible..
    after YOU prove it!!

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