I now have finally got 2 pair of steppers of given ratings clearly written:
6v 1A 1.8deg steps
12v 0.3A 1.8deg steps

well after a lot of assessment i can't decide which one of the will give me better result for a micromouse.
After going through site's forums,googling all the day..i still have some firm doubts,pls clear them:
My Opinion:
1.12v will give me less torque but would not at least burn my uln2803/uln2003??
2.can I safely overdrive SM1 till 15V using uln 2003 (only)??? or should i use 10ohm 1W resistors for chopping??(NO COSTLY IC INTENDED)
3.6v is better as more current and less voltage,but would surely burn my uln,so i would over drive it at 9v with 10ohm 1w resistor...(correct or not)
what should i do.which one should i use??

4.is there any driver with l298 alone driving unipolar stepper???(not with l297) :roll:
5.will chopping 6v with resistors save my uln?? but will it give me enough torque?? :? :?

The best way is if any one please provide me link to pt3.I can afford only l298 not l297 for i m an online buyer and ots not available(have checked regular vendors)