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Thread: Help in using USB Web Cam to transfer video to PC via RF Mod

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    Default Help in using USB Web Cam to transfer video to PC via RF Mod

    Hello, Im making a robo and want to put a camera on it so that I could see its movement on my PC. Ive got a USB Web Cam. I just want to see its movements via the cam so that I could control its movement via wireless remote. I would like to know that since I dont need to process the image or use the image in the algorith, so can I use it directly without connecting it to Microcontroller? Can I directly attach it to PC via RF Module? Would connecting the data wire of USB port of camera to the Data terminal of RF module transmitter; and connecting digital data terminal of RF Module Reciever to the Data wire of USB socket (PC Side) be able to transmit video efficiently at real time basis? On PC side Il use the simple software for viewing the video that I was given by the manufacturers of web cam. Can by simply cutting the USB wire of web cam, and placing RF Module in between still send video? Please guide. And Please tell me other alternatives.

    PS> I live in India, and dont have credit card either. So availability of cameras as in SparkFun site is vry difficult. Please suggest on easy and cheep ways.


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    connecting the usb pins with RF module this thing will not work. though not cheap but less complex, use RCA output camera(chinese camera w/ tv cord ). and tv tuner card. RCA camera can be made wireless using simple circuit or else u can spend some more to get wireless RCA camera
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    thankyou shashak for your suggestion

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    Default some alternatives for Wireless camera Ideas.

    you cant use USB Camera with RF module,
    USB device needs different way of accessing, drivers etc etc.
    And RF modules which are available in the market are not capable of the data speed of USB.

    These are few options you have to wireless cam.
    1] Have that cheap analog wireless Camera -> TV Tuner CARD -> PC
    Analog Wireless cam = 2000/- Rupees
    TV Tuner CARD = 1000/-

    2] Get a Wifi Web CAM (prices starts from 8,000 in India). In US u can get it for 40 $,50$ .
    You should also have Wifi receiver on you PC, which costs around 1000/-

    3] Wireless USB (WUSB) which allows to access any USB device wirlessly.
    This is new product in the market, only available in US, Europe, costs around 150$ to 200$.
    You should also have Wifi receiver on you PC, which costs around 1000/-

    4] Non Standard Wireless USB, I forget the product name, but there is one product which costs around 100$, This Wireless USB is not compatible with the WUSB standard.
    This product allows to connect two USB devices and one serial port.

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