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Thread: Wireless Robot (Using Pluggable USB Modem)

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    Default Wireless Robot (Using Pluggable USB Modem)

    What I Want To Do:
    Am autonomous robot that would have a USB port to which I would connect an USB modem (like the Tata Indicom Plug2Surf thingy) and it would send information (like location, pictures and videos from its camera, etc.) across the internet to a web-page or some application that could be run on any computer with a net connection.

    Is this realizable!? :?: :?: [/u]

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    Sure you can. Well I can suggest to put your laptop on a wheel car.. and make the programming in laptop to use the USB for all the control.. I feel.. it will save your time for a design and programme.

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    you may try this
    its a wifi module you can transmit the data over wifi and recieve it in laptop or pc with wifi
    its very smaller compared to placing a whole laptop.

    but remember you need to be a pro or need a help of a pro to use this modules and also building these robots. its not that easy as it looks

    if money is not a matter to you then you may give it a try....
    Sudarshan Anbazhagan,
    SuperBotics MultiTech Pvt. Ltd.

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    The following link would be quite helpful. It is an AVR based ethernet thingy..

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