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Thread: The UAV Project!

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    Default The UAV Project!

    Hi guys!
    The field of UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) has still a lot to explore, specifically RC Helicopters. So our challenge is to design an AUTONOMOUS RC helicopter system, with all the goodies in it.
    Send in your ideas...

    ill keep u updated.[/u][/i]

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    Well.... if u are into aerial RC, it would be clear that helicopters are even more tough to handle with than air planes. Doing a completely autonomous helicopter can be a night mare, and once its done, is a dream come true ( at least my dream come true ). So lot of research is going on in the US and other parts of the globe, and i think we should also be a part of it. This is the place for those RC pilots and tech experts, to gather and share ideas for autonomous heli.

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    Objectives of the Challenge:
    1. The RC helicopter should be able to hover itself.
    2. Avoid obstacles and have controlled flight.
    2.Should be able to track and follow objects of interest.

    This is just the beginning.... more to come.
    Send in your ideas.....

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    guys.... could some one give me ideas on what are the components needed for autonomous helicopter?

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    I wud suggest you look at this Ist

    makin an autonomous aerial vehicle is daunting task
    Ist ensure cash and credit cards

    2nd look at vehicles like SR-20,SR-40
    buy them dont go for designing your own vehicle unless you are an aerodynamics expert and own a wind tunnel in ur back yard

    3rd get a good hang of AI like neural nets and fuzzy logic
    for autonomous control of vehicle

    4th wait 4 my next reply!!!!!!!!!!

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    Hi chak,
    nice and informative site there.
    Well i want this project to stick to Helicopter (one main and one tail rotor), rather than Quadrator. Quadrators are relatively stable and easy to hover.

    And as for the AI part, still working on flight stabilizing algos....

    and finally will be waiting for sure...

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    UAV aren't all that difficult. You might want to check out the website. Be sure to check out the "Arduino autopilot" project. It might come in handy.

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    Hi gallamine,
    Hmm... what should i say.. totally cool site only for UAV.

    Yup going for Arduino based autopilot is a good option, but im planning to do this UAV as cheap as possible, and if possible with the components available in India.

    Anyway cool site.

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    Hey gallamine,
    after going through the site, i found many UAV projects, but only a few concerning Helicopter. I think controlling Heli is a lot different from RC plane. Do you know any site which deals more with heli?

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    Well, its been a long time. But i have been working little by little, and its finally here. RC helicopter. 8O . My first one. . Genius RC 450. Bought it on ebay. Assembling it now. 8)

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