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Thread: adder circuit

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    Default adder circuit


    we all know the simple opamp adder circuit.. this works fine for dc sources. this even works for ac of freq range 0 to some 1MHz..

    but i need a high speed adder to instantly add two signals of freq range 250 to 300 MHz .. can you suggest me one such circuit ?

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    Default hi

    below are some suggestion.... i have never tried any........ they just came in my mind....... hope they work.....
    why don't you check out high frequency opamps like HA2839/40
    they say to work upto 600MHz............
    other solution can be to first convert the signal to low frequency, add, then again upconvert ..........
    or you can make a adder circuit using high frequency transistors....... just replace all the transistors in a opamp circuit by them.....

    you can also try them for your other querry.....

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    doing it with transistors instead of opamps will help

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