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Thread: ball hitting robot help

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    Default ball hitting robot help

    i m working on bot which can put a table tennis balls in the hole
    im think of something like a electric piston to hit the ball
    this is going to be my first robot, so pls help me this guys

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    Default hi

    i didn't get it......... do you want your robo to pick up ball and put it in hole or to push it toward hole (like billiards)

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    hey dis idea of electric piston sounds good ....can u plzz explain it bit in detail.....& y nt try it .... all the best

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    Looks like something great.

    is it like pushing a ball towards the hole?

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    Hi all,
    I have also made a robot like you are thinking but i used for playing football using golf balls.There are many ways to hit balls.I'll suggest some of them:

    1. You can attach a high torque motor to your robot with a metal peice as weapon.When you rotate motor the metal brick also rotates & hits the ball.This idea is for a beginner.
    2.As you said piston.I also used this method for hitting ball.I made small solenoid gun using electromagnets which had a lot of power.It was 12v & 2amp.For more info search on google by the following names- solenoid gun,solenoid actuator & solenoid motor.This is a tough job & is time consuming but if it works it can add power to your bot.
    3.You can add powerful pumps to suck ball(table tennis) & then through it can back when it is near hole.
    4.You can use old cd racks.The idea is same as solenoid but it is less costly & easily done but it is now where near the solenoid.

    I'll tell you more ideas later.I will have to recall them.

    Regards Akshay,
    Redefine it your way!!!!

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