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    Default link to the links

    hi everybody........

    everyday when we surf on net we came across many great sites (and some not so good sites :twisted: ) ......... i don't know if it has happened to anyone of you but many times i just can't find the site again which i had surfed a few days ago and which had the answer of my problem......

    so what i do now is that i have made a file and whenever i see a good site i just save its address in that file along with a heading of what it contains.... it has helped me a lot........

    today i had an idea that what if i take help of everyone here together we develop a list of some really useful links..... it will be a great way of sharing knowledge........ a gateway to unlimited ( and quality ) knowledge...... so guys contribute as much as you can.... because i want a tribute for which there is a saying...... IT INCREASES AS YOU SHARE IT

    now it would be better if we have some guidelines for posting......
    1 ) make sure the link is not already posted
    2 ) together with link give little intro of what the link leads to
    3 ) try to update new links whenever you can
    4 ) all the links should be strictly to sites concerned with robotics only (moderators please take care)
    5 ) give each link a number in continuation from above post... it will help in refering them later
    6 ) don't just give name of site.. give its complete link
    7 ) even this site has some really cool pages... try to include them also
    8 ) finally, make sure link leads to very high quality knowledge

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    Default hi

    now to start with i am giving a few links i visited recently ..... they surely are oceans of knowledge...... i am also including some links for the sake of completeness of forum which are very comman but still very useful and some links scattered here and there on this site........

    1)well for the first and last time i am breaking rule 2 because this link don't need any introduction

    2)tutorial for almost all field of electronics, a collection of good circuits and samll projects, 8051 tutorial, pic tutorial, a page on which you can find ic based on its working

    3)answer to the question - i am new in robotics so where to start from?

    4)a great tutorial for avr ( start reading the links on this page from down to up)

    5)make your own serial port avr programmer compatible with ponyprog (read the last post on this link)

    6)avr timer/counter/pwm tutorial (very detailed description)

    7)avr timer/counter/pwm tutorial (short and sweet description)

    8)well illustrated working of almost every gadget

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    9) A complete starter pack, from basic electronics to microcontroller to motors

    10) Again a full fledge core robotics site

    11) Numerous free schematics, highly recommended

    12) how can we for a great site for all the links

    13) for line following robot lovers, the circuit is simple and tested by many of us.

    14) lots of circuits from our very own indian site:

    I`ll add more as i`ll surf more

    I must appreciate noble thought of ashish... but i would be better if we could have all these links under "web links" tab of navigation space.

    -Siddharth Dev

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