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Thread: Help in selecting IR Encoder / Decoder

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    Default Help in selecting IR Encoder / Decoder

    for a project, i need IR encoder/ decoder. i need to make atleast 120 unique address.

    Please suggest me some (8 bit Address) encoder/decoder which:

    > are easily available (especially arnd delhi)

    > dont cost too much

    > are relaible

    also give me alternatives if possible.

    and please tell me that suppose that i use 4 bit address encoder of say manufacturer 1. n 4 bit address decoder of manufacturer 2. den wld at d same address (say 1101) for both the encoder n decoder, would they be compatable or not?

    If not compatable, then can i safely use 2 sets of 4 bit address encoders from different manufacturers?

    for data channels, i need to send a maximum of 2 bit data. so minimum 2 data channels would be fine

    thanks a lot!

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    2^12 address- HT12A/ HT12D pair
    ^Anything is possible..
    after YOU prove it!!

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