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Thread: Help using TSOP 1738 IR receiver

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    Default Help using TSOP 1738 IR receiver

    Hi Friends,
    I am new to robotics projects. I googled and collected some info about some IR recievers but was disappointed to see that those devices are not available in India. Finally I compramised myself with TSOP 1738 IR reciever. I need some help regarding this one. I googled but couldnt find any useful help. I would like to make a obstruction detector robot. And some basic schematics using this TSOP 1738. I would be thankful if anyone can help me out of this prbm.

    With Love and Regds,
    Cheenu ( from Chennai)

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    hey nice tutorial is ther is there in this site only in the topic "electronics" i think.............

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    Default who told u that

    who told u that sharp ir's arent available, i have one already, u just need to buy them from the following sites

    and yes they are notcavailable locally, u have to buy them from these sites

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