Hello sir
we are going to fabriacate a kart in which we are using COB(clutch on braking),but there is a problem with COB on high speed of vehicle something of Inertia.so we decided to use a microcontroller which control the whole arrangment

Aim: We want to actuate a DC Motor in both direction according to Engine RPM.

CAse:1 a lever (locked position) will remain in this position upto 4500 engine rpm

CAse:2 lever should unlocked by motor after 4500 rpm(say motor rotated in clockWS)

CAse:3 when engine rpm goes down below the 4500 rpm from higher rpm lever should locked again(say motor rotated in anticlockWS)

so finally we need a
microcontroller ?
algorithm ?
circuit diagram ?
and sensor ?

please refer attachment to understand practically

thank you sir

Anil Billore
team enigma,OIST Bhopal