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    Default BASIC line folllower..

    hi guys....
    Im new to robotics..and im intersested to get involved in dis field....
    i tried searchin through the net and some basic i want to build a basic line follower robot without an microprocessor coz im not tat gud in could sme1 guide for an basic tutorial for buildin d robot...


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    thnx 4 ur reply...

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    Default About making a start in field of robotics

    Dear Ukesh,

    To make any intelligent system, u need to have a microcontoller in your system and programming of microcontroller in general is done in C, basic or assemble language.

    As you are at beginning level, you can start programming your robot i basic language then moving to C.

    Programming in Basic language is more like writing an algorithm.


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    thnx Garvit....
    i smewat know c language...lik d basic it enough for programming d microcontrollers??

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    Dear Ukesh,

    To start with, you can do programming in basic language as in order to program the microcontroller in C requires the knowledge of Pointers.

    So, it is advisable to make a start in basic to get the knowledge of system development and integration. Later u can practice the programming in C.

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    oh k......thnx a ton for ur replies guys....!!

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