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Thread: How to send info wirelessly over a vry long range

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    Default How to send info wirelessly over a vry long range

    I want to make an Anti theft system which would operate similar to this:

    The device is placed inside any expensive thing like car, scooter, bike, or laptop, mobile, etc. Device has an inbuilt GPS system which tracks at which longitude\ latitude it presently is at. This tracking is updated every 10-20 mitutes n sent wirelessly to d main controle system at some fixed location (like say my room). and main system is connected to computer. n data is updated at internet. So now whenever a thing is stolen, i can locate it by searching for those longitude or lattitude in google earth. and i expect to get a very exact position of the stolen thing.

    Problem: Main problem is that how should I transfer the data from the device to the main system? Because in case of theft distances could be as large as several hundreds kilometer. So what technology should I use.

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    Use GSM/CDMA ... actually buy a cheap mobile phone and use that ... thats what companies who do this do.

    Use something like this ...
    Vikas Patial

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    As vikas said GSM/cdma is best why to do this,

    same as he pointed there is also SIM508 module which have both gsm and gps modules together and is available in india
    Nikhil Chandra | Bangalore

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    Thanks a lot guys for the great idea. I read about those modules and they seem very attractive considering the object i have in mind. Well can you tell me where can I get SIM508 module from in India? And is it possible to use it simultaneously with Atmega16 MCU? Also, can you recommend me about some good tutorial where I can get to know better about using SIM508 or similar modules available in India.

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    ....Suppose the robber disconnects the battery........or discovers the transmitter???
    ^Anything is possible..
    after YOU prove it!!

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