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    Default line follower

    dear friends,
    plz give me the link of the complete circuit of "the simple line follower".
    and the full discription of the circuit.....
    i also make a robot which sence the colors and attract to it..........

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    dear fren,
    i see ur new here..
    I spent sometime here.. and i will give a very useful advice.
    Do u see the google search option in the header of this site??

    USE IT.

    Nobody replies unless u do ur homework right. No spoon-feeding.

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    Thanks ankit I think I will make this post a sticky.

    Moreover Naresh.. I will give you the circuit depending on how much money you can pay for it.


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    Default @Line follower for Naresh

    Making line follower circuit from scratch will be re-inventing the wheel. There are controller boards which are already available in the market. U just need to connect the sensors and u can make not only line follower but also lot many other kinda robots by interfacing various analog and digital sensors/systems for input or output.

    These controller boards r the generic boards on which you can perform various exercises.


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    Making line follower circuit from scratch will be re-inventing the wheel
    well , you are right!!! and you know what...... robotic arm, rc cars & planes, space shuttles, rockets and even nuclear missiles are available for sale.... so next time when you think of making a robot just buy them and put a label with your name on them.... and hey you just become a rocket scientist :evil: :evil: and bye the way i am soon uploading a tutorial on "how to make attractive name labels" exclusively for you...... wait for it.....

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    Default @ashish agarwal

    Dude.. read it once more....!!!
    Let me brief u once again... making line follower ckt will be re-inventing the wheel... where u will spend more time on studying more abt microcontroller datasheet.. rather one can directly implement its application where u can directly learn about it..!!

    AND I am waiting for your Tutorial "HOW to Make attractive Labels"... i actually need it...!!!

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    Ok guys.....No flaming!!!
    It will be nice if you can stick to the topic.......
    ^Anything is possible..
    after YOU prove it!!

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