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Thread: Links to commercial websites

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    Default Links to commercial websites

    Many members have complained about the following:

    1. A lot of replies to posts are Links to other commercial webpages and are found to lack any meaningful answers to the OPs queries.
    2. A post cannot be just a Link to some commercial WebSite. That purports to soliciting business and sales rather than knowledge.

    3. A Link to those sites become 'Advertising' and Promotions. You should do that actively by appropriate payment.

    RI is a discussion Forum. Please keep it that way. All Commercial aspects, promotions and sales must be strictly in the Buy & Sell Forums.

    All "Links" only post that does not directly answer the Queries but link to commercial/ sales pages will be deleted without notice.
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    Dear Doc

    I agree with your views on promoting commercial websites, and they should be done only in the buy/sell section.

    But i do not agree with your view that a post cannot be only a Link.
    If the link sufficiently explains and answers all the queries of the post i think that serves the purpose.
    As you might well be aware that many ardent users or RI are working professionals (in robotics or maybe not) who have pursued robotics as a hobby for a long time. This does save time and energy for the person who posts.

    I would say that if the posted link is of the home page of the site and then the user asks the member to navigate through the site to reach the particular answer, then it should be classified as blatant advertising. But not the direct link to the answer.

    suppose A asks a question on some circuit design and B replies to his post saying that the answer is available in Book by Boylestead, page no. so and so. Does that mean B is advertising the book?

    "3. A Link to those sites become 'Advertising' and Promotions. You should do that actively by appropriate payment."
    So does this mean any link to a datasheet on atmel/maxim/microchip etc etc sites should be treated as ADVERTISING and PROMOTION of these companies ??

    and i cannot see why this link ( has been removed from this post ( ) .
    It has been well received by lots of ppl. It has complete schematics and working principle of the circuit in a very good and intuitive way. it has much more info than someone could take out time and post.
    and after this post there havent been any 100% relevant post to that topic.

    I am really sorry to see this treatment being meted out on the grounds of advertising and publicity and in this process ultimately its the student who wants to learn pays the price. The whole point of knowledge transfer is being lost!

    Anand Ramaswami
    R & D Engineer
    TRI Technosolutions Pvt. Ltd.

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    i would say there is no harm in advertising a product if its only a link, even if it is not in any particular defined section .

    as it only help members to know about best possible alternative/resources in the market, and it should be only motive of a forum .

    as there is no defined advertisement program/plan on RI, i think it does not hurt anyones interests in particular.

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    This is a tricky issue, very tricky one.

    Its because at times its very difficult to draw the line between blatant advertising and straight forward helping.

    take, for example, this:

    I am not quite sure what you call this, even if its in the buy and sell forum.

    Lately, in RI, there has not been good posts having good discussion on technical stuff. Forums are being reduced to students asking questions to win a competition, and online vendors and workshop conductors jumping to grab on to those students.

    I am not quite sure if I was harsh on this. But i dont have anything personal againt tps or other people who do a lot of advertisement here, but its at times irritating when there is too much of it - yes this happens when there is too much of it.

    electro-tech-online is one of the biggest forums, but how often do you see people giving straight forward links? they do , once in a while, but considering the number of posts per day, they are negligible.

    No one has a problem, if somebody is helping here, and in course of it, advertising. But it is really irritating to see only that. If someone is a member of RI, and wants to help someone here, and if he believes is an ardent hobbyist, he should contribute to RI. He can simply write articles and publish it in RI, and then link to it.

    Rao has been asking for articles from members for long. I dont see his request these days, i guess he knows by now its easy to ask for the moon.

    I believe the moderator did the right thing, and if he did not, he might be labeled biased. If he did not, he wont be able to edit/delete future posts which are nothing but loud advertisement.

    Hope no flames are exchanged in course of this topic !!
    .... I didnt do it ! ....

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