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Thread: a head/neck robot system

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    Default a head/neck robot system

    hi everybody,

    i'm new in this forum and i think it's a good place to get help,

    in my final study project my first task was to design a head/neck system for a robot similar to men system,

    so do you have any idea where to begin or any document that could help me

    thx a lot

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    Simple : Start with the neck and decide the Head later.
    Unlike the human head, a Robot head is quite simple.
    Thats a complex mechanism, indeed!
    You need some real Mechanical expertise to carry this off.
    First , you must understand types of joints, especially the Ball & Socket. Next the tripod.

    ....and you have failed to tell us your stream.......
    ^Anything is possible..
    after YOU prove it!!

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