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    We are a young venture out of IIT Bombay and we want to float a project for free lancing. We will willing to pay a reasonable remuneration as well. Here are the details:-

    We have a joystick based keypad with 8 input buttons. We have a USB
    Microcontroller PIC18f4550 based board connected with the keypad. The 8 input buttons are connected to PORTB.

    We want the following codes:-
    A code for the PIC so that it transmits some signal to the PC via USB whenever a button is pressed or released. Note: Multiple buttons can be pressed and released simultaneously (like in a keyboard).

    A device driver on the PC end, which reads the signals sent by the PIC via
    USB and raises some events or calls some other routines appropriately or
    maybe simulate the arrow keys on the PC.

    If anyone is interested, feel free to contact me at

    Vaibhav Goel

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    thanks robotics india
    we got our project done!!!

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