We are a young venture out of IIT Bombay and we want to float a project for free lancing. We are willing to pay a reasonable remuneration as well. Here are the details:-

The basic pipeline looks like this:-
PC <--USB--> Microcontroller (e.g. PIC18f4550) <--I2C--> Multiple RGB LED Drivers (e.g. MAX7313)

The LED driver like MAX7313 has 16 PWM channels. Each channel can be used to control the intensity of a LED (either red, blue or green).

We need to control an array of 256 RGB LED's i.e. 256*3 = 768 LEDs in all i.e. 48 driver ICs (16 PWM channels per driver).

Now we need to control these 48 driver IC's through PC via USB. So a microcontroller will be needed in between (probably more than one).

We need the basic circuitry, the microcontroller code and a small PC based application to control the LED's.

If anyone is interested, feel free to contact me.

Vaibhav Goel