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    Default 3 wheel LF

    i hav built a line follower before.... using 2 wheel simple differntial drive before... n i wanted to try a something new....
    i saw couple of videos of SUPERFAST japanese LFs that use akerman steering (the kind in cars) for steering at high speed....

    i wanted opinions on this... or someone who had tried this / done this before... or potential problems i might face etc....

    the idea is to make it follow curves more smoothly... and controlling a single motor (steering) rather than 2 seems easier....
    awaiting feedback.....

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    Akerman steering for line followers will give best results if implemented correctly.

    One thing to keep in mind is the response time of the from steering motor. If you use the cheap servos or steppers with slow response time, the steering will be much slower and the bot will start overshooting even at medium and slow speeds.

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