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Thread: Building robot for first Time

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    Default Building robot for first Time

    I am building a robot
    It would be a 4 wheel robot which would be controled by a remote control.

    I have divided it into 2 parts first the Robot and then the remote..

    Till now I have learnt what parts I will require and the design.

    But my problem is I don't understand controlling part of the robot and

    how should I proced to make the remote control?

    and how to control using remote?

    How to program and which Microcontroller will I reqire to use ....

    Please help me out

    Thanks a Lot

    Yogesh Patel ....

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    I am in the plan to build a new robot for the first time. But i am confused and still now not get a clear idea..What are the factors to be considered while building a robot?? And how it can be built??

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    not sure where your interests lie ... but you probably first need to think of a problem u want to finding objects...or following certain objects etc. Once you do that, you could either get one of the standard kits available and concentrate on the programming and problem solving aspect, or if you into mechnical stuff, maybe you could work on the actual robot rather than get a kit. In any case....there are a zillion videos and websites that talk about how to make robots.

    Enjoy Exploring

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    To get the solution for your questions, join to the Robotics courses. It will provide you with a clear idea of building a robot.

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