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Thread: FIRA 09 & FIRA 2010

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    Default FIRA 09 & FIRA 2010

    Robhatah Robotic Solutions to organize FIRA India 09 in bangalore. FIRA international will again be organised in India, in 2010. The event would have participation from more than 130 countries. The best teams from FIRA 09 will participate in FIRA 10. Please visit to keep yourself updated. Please visit to know more about robot soccer systems.

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    Paris hosted the world Cup in 1998, followed by Brazil (1999), Australia (2000), Beijing (2001), Korea (2002), Austria (2003), Korea (2004), Singapore (2005), Germany (2006), USA (2007) and China (2008).

    The objective of the competition is to promote the spirit of science and technology to our younger generation. It also serves to bring together skilled researchers and students from different backgrounds to challenge one another in developing better robots for technologies of the future. Robotics is an exciting, multi-disciplinary area which integrates intelligent control, communications, image processing, mechatronics, sensor fusion and many other aspects on one single platform. It is a worthwhile learning experience for all who are involved.

    huge event, huge participation, huge prices, international presence.

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    The robot soccer system consists of 5 bi-wheel type robots with RF receiver, a host computer and RF-transmitters. The robots receive two parameters (right and left wheel velocities) via the RF-receivers. The host computer uses Visual C++ as its programming platform. The robot soccer system is associated with cooperation, decision-making, planning, modeling, learning, robot architecture, vision tracking algorithm, sensing, communication, and so forth. In this system each of the robots has its own driving mechanism, communication part and CPU board. The computational part controls the robotís velocity according to the command data received from the host computer. All calculations on vision data processing, strategies, and position control of the robots are done in the host computer.

    Visit the link below for a brief idea about the robot soccer system.

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    Looks like FIRA India is owned by ROBHATAH.......

    Nice way of selling robots....!
    ^Anything is possible..
    after YOU prove it!!

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    Default @ docel

    No body owns FIRA India. FIRA India is a platform to screen the participants for FIRA International, which is going to be held in FIRA 2010 at Bangalore.

    Docel, please visit for more info.

    This is not marketting or a way of selling robots, because other than Revobot, Robhatah has no other product that could be sold to the student community. and no Revobot marketting is happening. Docel, you misunderstood the intentions.

    Guys, Sorry if that sound as marketting.

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    I have registered myself of the FIRA 2010, made my plan to stay there for the whole event. I hope we will meet there

    Best regards
    IIIT Allahabad

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    It won't be able to attend
    Redefine it your way!!!!

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    See? I told everyone that Delhi is the worst place for a Robotics Enthusiast :/

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