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Thread: humanoid robots

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    Default Manus Inventor

    I agree with docel, Inventor is related with patents and technologies, Manus is an implementation of lots of technologies, not an invention. Sorry Vigyan.

    @ docel : Please list any university who claimed that they designed the Manus. And what is this Bangalore Robocup. I visited, Its good. But I am confused, Their last activity seems to be in 2007. Is there any other URL ??

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    Sorry guys, there are some people out there, who is doing this to spoil the reputation of the company.
    No one was trying to spoil the reputation of "the" company. All reviews have an open mind, NOT intentional to spoil a reputation. It all depends on the users point of view.

    No student would want to jump into manus, or genus, for study, because its not at all affordable to them. And as you admit it, they are not probably designed for the student community.

    If that is the case, what was the need of such a series of posting in this thread? that too, in a forum thats used mainly by undergraduate students?

    No student , can directly jump into high end robotics, or a humanoid, so even if they want to start on, they would obviously go for affordable ones to start on. I dont think there are much of "high end" researchers (like what you mentioned - stanford etc) who uses this forum, (though i seriously wish they were a couple of them using the forums) so any review of your robot will be subject to the requirement of the reviewer.

    And no one said plastic gear motors 600 rs worth are being used in humanoids!!!!

    So dont take things personally, it happens when somebody try a bit too hard to advertise something, or atleast, when it seems so.

    Please dont worry about my signature, and if you cant understand that, it was probably never meant for you !!
    .... I didnt do it ! ....

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    Probably its you who are taking things personally, when I said, someone is trying to spoil the reputation, I meant people, who has registered with names similar to mine, not you.

    Probably that is the first reason for you to post a reply like that. Well I agree and disagree to your review on humanoids, but as you said, reviews depend on individuals. Students in many cases jump into humanoids, not because of anything else, but because of their specific interest in some specific research areas. Being a member here for a lot of time now, I feel, you know too well about humanoids and the scopes of research in a humanoid.

    " it happens when somebody try a bit too hard to advertise something, or atleast, when it seems so. " Nothing against you, but don't you feel, This is personal.

    Hey sorry about your signature. After posting that thread , I came to realize that, that is how you post !!!

    And about this "And no one said plastic gear motors 600 rs worth are being used in humanoids!!!!",,,,,,, I thought I would let you know. Well to be very honest with you, I don't take things personally at all. Crictisisms makes you stronger, so I would like you to crictisise.

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