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Thread: Help Needed for RF 1 433 TX RX of VEGAKIT

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    Default Help Needed for RF 1 433 TX RX of VEGAKIT

    i'm new to RF modules. I am using RF 1 433 of Vegakit (
    The problem is,in the datasheet of the kit,it is written 'Working Mode : AM'.
    If i give data to the TX as high(5V),then i get 4.6-4.5V at data pin of RX. If i give low(0v) to TX,then i get 3.6V at data pin of RX.
    I read somewhere that on-off mode cannot be used,ie. i cant manually modify the data between high or low . Why is it so ? If yes,what should i do ? In my project ,i am going to supply data to TX using serial port of ATMEGA32,but right now i am just testing things on a breadboard.
    Please help,

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    Default re: rf

    u can use encoder and decoder ics... HT12e as encoder and HT12d as decoder ..
    and then u can do data transmission.
    And ya next time when you but RF module buy it from microimpex and not from vega.

    You will get a better quality module in lesser price there..

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    thanks a lot. i found the first link immensely helpful.
    thank you. will check out microimpex the next time...

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    Default re:Rx/Tx

    check out this link:

    this website will help you create different types of other remotes.

    Redefine it your way!!!!

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    Default Re: indian palace

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