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Robosapiens is one of the major robotic events that is organized on a large scale in the Techfest of Indian Institute of Technology(IIT), Roorkee renowned as COGNIZANCE. It is organized in the month of March every year. A different problem statement is designed every year to meet the growing intellectual minds of the youth who take a keen interest in robotics and related field. A prize money is set up as per the difficulty of the problem. Every year a tough competition is seen by the participants from all around the Indian Sub-Continent who come here to show their metal. Robsapiens is open for the Undergraduates of any affiliated University. Infact, Sometimes the problem statement seem to be so tough that a simpler part of it is designed for the First Year Undergraduate students.
Robosapiens 2008
A lot of participation was seen in the year 2008 as the problem statement was interesting and a little mind boggling. The concept of the problem was based upon how to make a robot to be able to move on a steel rod and to transfer table tennis balls from right side to buckets kept on the left.
One of the major challenge was to make the procedure more efficient and fast. Now, its not difficult to think of a mechanism but when efficiency is the key, the right approach matters.
Some well known mechanisms for such a problem are suction mechanism, pick-drop mechanism, etc.