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    I want to design a circuit using micro controllers, which does simple functions like flashing a LED.
    I need to know where can i get the Circuit diagram...
    where can i simulate this circuit.
    how to program the microcontro for this function.
    how to dump this program into a micro...i know about KEIL....but whats the hardware circuitry needed to dump.
    I want to use AT89S52

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    Hello ,

    You want to learn 89S52 for that see this webpage

    Nice page it teaches you 8051 architecture CPUs (like 89S52)

    But I recommend you to start with AVR MCUs they are much powerful and and has modern features that makes work even easier.

    I am pointing some benifits of AVR over 89S52
    1) Speed is 8 times faster !
    2) Has integrated ADC,EEPROM (makes circuit easier) as ADC is common requirement.
    3) PWM channels (for speed control of DC motors)
    4)Can run without external crystal (more simple circuit)
    5)More RAM,and Flash

    For getting started with AVR see my complete tutorial series for beginners

    (click AVR Tutorials from side bar)

    And for Programming 89S52 MCUs see this programmer

    Avinash Gupta

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    Search the forum for your queries, All such topics have been addressed already. If there is a specific query, the gurus over here will help you. Posting such question shows you do not have the enthusiasm to learn.

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