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Thread: BUYING! Arm robot can write and have speech recognition

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    Default BUYING! Arm robot can write and have speech recognition

    I'm a robot interester and collector. I need:

    - A low-cost basic arm robot, need not to be very high-technology or beautiful. Few motors are enough and metal bars are enough.
    - Attach with a pen.
    - Is able to have speech recognition and write down to paper what character i say. All i need is from A to Z. For example, when i say 'A', it writes 'A'. No need such complicated word/sentence like "hello" or else.
    - Deadline : Everything is ready by 31st June 2009.

    Offer me your price.

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    @hd86: Do you need just the arm mechanical hardware, or do you need the electronics and software for your application too?



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    Thats going to cost you a fortune, i guess..

    But anyway, how much are you willing to pay at the max ...

    and anyway, anything that can write on paper HAVE to use good technology - are you fine with a gantry mechanism?

    And do you want to do it with PC or without PC??
    .... I didnt do it ! ....

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