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    Hi Friends

    I am making a remote control to control lights.I am using 2 8051 uc's and Vegakit's RF01 433/315 Mhz module.When I directly connect the TX pin of one Microcontroller to RX pin of Other Microcontroller its working fine but when i connect the RF Module it is not working at all.Plz help me out

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    have a look at this link:
    This might help you.

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    The link is useful but i was planning to use microcontrollers only.Can u plz tell what should Be BAUD RATE so that the RF Module could function properly.I hav tried at a BAUD RATE of 4800 but its not working.

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    Most important :

    Outputs of those RF modules gives 3V as logic high and around 0.7V as logic low. Three Volts are not sufficient for microcontroller to recognize logic HIGH. Thus at the output of RF module, use LM339 based non-inverting comparator and then give it to uC.

    You can safely use the baud rate of 2400.
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