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Thread: HELP Building modded rc car !

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    Default HELP Building modded rc car !

    hey guys..i am new to this site so..... hello..............

    i was going to build a custom rc car for my bro ...

    i have a japanese motor forgt the name ..... :d and some led lighting and a spare set of good tires.... so i thought that i will go and buy a pogo rc car from the market and mod it ???

    what do you think about it ??? is it a feasible idea?

    here is the link for the rc car....

    was thinking of modding with powerful motor and green led lighting could you tell where all i can get this stuff??

    thanks in advance ....


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    I think the car is good looking itself, why do you want to mod it?

    my suggestion, if it is new, dont mess with it. if it is old do as u wish

    One more thing, please be more precise.

    even if the gear size and ratio do not match, the car might not work well.

    If you rip it apart without proper knowledge, you might regret it.

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    hmm... thankyou dude ..... can you tell me where i can a get rc car kit which i can build on my own ...price about 2k as i want to do it as a summer vacation project...? 8)

    I live in delhi so prefferably somewhere here only...!

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