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Thread: Using Bipolar steppers

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    Default Using Bipolar steppers

    I have a couple of bipolar steppers which i found from the junk of 3.1/2" floppy drives. I dont know how to run one of these,i want to know more about them( speed, torque, etc..).

    Also in the floppy drives i found another type of motor which is suppose r used for rotating the magnetic disc inside the floppies i suposed :?. How to run one of those motors.

    Plz help.

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    ST Micro has a bunch if ICs for stepper driving, L297+L293 or L297+L298.
    Basicly you need the pulse sequencer L297 and halfbridges to amplify current. For amplifying they have the L293 and the stronger L298 but you can also use homemade Hbridges.

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