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Thread: What the alternatives for this ics

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    Default What the alternatives for this ics

    Atmel AT90S2323-10 it is like 8 pin
    Atmel AT90S2343-10

    also one offered me 2313 (i think it is tiny)
    can u tell me if the above 2323 will be compatible with this?

    I would like to know is there any alternative for the ic ?
    Which is used here ? (i want to do this project)

    Actually i am not getting the perticular ic that is AT90S2323-10
    They say they have 2313 but it has like 20 pin on the ic whereas ur AT90S2323 have only 8 pin kindly suggest me

    Normally u can see this pages and please suggest me one which will work and will it give problem with the flashing ?
    (i have little knowledge of electronics)

    Please see for ur self and it is micro controller not ic ? is that correct...
    Please help because i want to do it myself i have done xbox eeprom flashing before..

    ( I belong to Pune india maharashtra)

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    both the uC's - at90s2323 and at90s2343 are now mature products. You cannot replace them with attiny2313 , unless you are willing to recode the project again. You can replace them with attiny11 , attiny12 or attiny22.
    All the 3 ics are pin compatible with both 2323 and 2343.

    You may have to make some minor changes in the code though.

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    Will u help me with that coding stuff i get that chip...

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    i guess we could do that.

    Which programmer are using to program the chips?
    But you should first write the code the way you want and then ask us when you have problems. You cant expect us to do the whole thing for you...

    BTW , what application are you using the chip for? Whats your whole project about? And why are you so adamant about using those chips only?

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    Default Some suggestions about IC replacements

    ATTiny2313 will be best and closest match. As per my knowledge it is available Indian electronics retail markets(Lamington, Delhi, Bangalore,etc)

    You can code your projects in C. You can use CodeVisionAVR compiler. As per my experience, it is most simple yet powerful compiler for beginners as well as for advanced users. Once you write your code in C, it becomes uC independent. Only thing you have to make sure that peripheral modules available on both uCs are same (like number of timers, number of ports, number of interrupts, etc) and if they are not same, some small little changes with respect to those modules will be required in the code.
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    ATTiny2313 will be best and closest match.
    I beg to differ. The uC's that the OP has mentioned are all 8 pinned. Tiny2313 has 20 pins. I dont know how well that will fit into his project. And becoz of the pin discrepancy , the OP will probably have to recode a large part of his project again. I think probably there are changes even in the registers and their configuration. Tiny11,12,22 are all officially compatible with 2323 and 2343 , so its possible to just use the original source code and program it like its a 2323/2343.

    both tiny11 and 12 are available here in Bangalore. It should be available in pune too.

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    i want to try this project and i guess i can get the ATTINY FROM ONLINE

    Please see the project page and please do guide me....

    Also i have completed this project

    but the problem of that Serial Ir receiver project is that it some time do not respond on the scale of 1-10 i will rate the Not responding at 7 that is a huge number...
    So can anyone help me to improve that ? or shall i proceed witht he usb-ir-receiver..... WILL I GET THE TSOP WHICH IS MENTIONED IN USB receiver?

    Also which one will be better and easy (+ easy to find parts in india)

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    The 2nd link ( is much easier.

    You will get all those parts in india .
    It is very easy and cheap to program the attiny2313 also.
    You can make your own cable to program at a very low cost.
    The website has provided the PCB layout also , so it will be easier for you to make it.

    My opinion is to go with the 2nd one.

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    i am working on it and i completed the circuit on the breadboard
    But i don't know how to programme the ic.. u mentioned that you can build ur own cable can u shade some light on that ?

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    You can make a programmer using only a parallel port connector :

    Check that link , it is excellent.
    You will have to use WinAvr to program the uC.
    if you dont understand , then google for "parallel port avr programmer" or "dapa avr programmer".

    If you still dont understand , then ask. I will post some pictures of my homemade programmer. Then you should understand how to make it.

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