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    I'm starting off with a UAV project based on a airplane which I intend to use for the prophanging maneuver. http://<a href="</a> For those who aren't aware..

    Well I've started procuring components from India and abroad. Since I really don't have much time to prototype and experiment, I'm looking at sparkfun for the components like the IMU (, Servo Controller (,

    The idea is to integrate the board with my plane, which is going to be controlled using a futaba 6 channel and basing a wireless camera on it, which'll be controlled directly by the futaba. The driving signals from the futaba shall be fed to a custom made atmega 128 board running at 16 MHz, which will accept the futaba values and the error values from the various sensors on the IMU and give an appropriate output to the servo motor controller.

    I intend to use the XBee to calibrate my sensors on the PC itself and possibly log flight data on the go, although the 1 mW Xbee gives a maximum range of only a 100 metres outdoors, its a good enough platform to experiment with methinks.

    However this sounds great in theory, I'm very certain there are some flaws in practice, any ideas/inputs on the products I'm buying etc? And further, on how to implement this in the best way?

    Thanks a lot

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    Dont mind but ive seen so many such posts -

    Me building UAV , then the guys disappear .

    The thing you are attempting is very expensive business , I hope you have budget in lakhs.

    There are so many issues , I would recommend you to start with something simpler which uses these components ?

    How about a balancing robot ? Have you worked with XBEE ( or that matter any RF modules ... they behave weirdly in the field ) . Gyro / Accelerometer ... their output has to be averaged. Gyro and Accelerometer Synchronization ?

    Ever flown the RC Plane/Helicopter ? Its not easy ... i just hope u know what you are doing. Cause when these things crash they crash !!!

    Ill recommend get familiar with various components before investing in a plane.

    Ill recommend build a balancing robot first .
    Vikas Patial

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    Well you could say I have a budget, that isn't really the problem. I've already spent a good amount on this, and will spend even more if need be.

    1. Signal Mixing - The idea so far is to figure this part as we go along. We've worked with gyros alone in making a human interface device, but not with accelerometers. Obviously with a low speed processing as on the mega 168, we wont be doing any kalman filtering (or for that matter even if we did have an ARM, it'd take us a very long time to do that ) , but the idea is to implement something basic, any ideas here are welcome.

    2. Working with the XBee, yes we have, not to a very great extent, but we have worked with them. I'm not sure about the troubles you speak of, if you could elaborate it'll be great..

    3. Things crash, things break, we're prepared We've made RC controlled gliders etc before, but obviously a UAV is a completely different ball game. Again, inputs on construction are appreciated. Currently we've built our own airplane because the commercially available ones did not meet our design expectation. The plane is made partly out of balsa and partly of carbon fibre rods.

    Cheers and Thanks

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    Buy a fully functional UAV kit first. Then , start duplicating the parts one by one as you go along.
    This is what everyone is doing.
    ^Anything is possible..
    after YOU prove it!!

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    use xigbee PRO if you need more range...

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    We did consider the UAV autopilot available on sparkfun, but it costs a sweet $400 and over that the DSPic on it demands a $100 programmer! Thats half our budget spent on control systems alone! And this doesn't come with a wireless communication module or anything.. If you know of any better IMUs or UAV Autopilot feel free to share it with me.

    The current deal worked out a little better since the sensors and the 'tough to mount' components are well set, namely the sensors and the smd atmega. The interfacing we have to do, no doubt, but whats the fun otherwise

    @a7400: the xbee pro isn't compatible with the IMU as is, however we hope that since the current purpose of the xbee is only testing, a range of 100 metres in the open should not be that bad.

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