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Thread: Advice needed

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    Default Advice needed

    I'd like to get into ISRO or NASA through specialization in robotics....I've just passed my 12th Exams..what do i study in order to do it?

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    may be u have miles to go swthrt!!

    i would suggest you to get into an engg.line first and den start building bots as much as u can!!

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    You still need to do a lot boss. Get into a top engineering college first, perform really well and crack ISRO , DRDO exams, Minimum 4-5 Years needed. And please stick to ISRO, if you do get through all this, then we would surely need a person like you in India

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    Like said above , Get into a Good College and then clear the recruitment exams of these organizations.

    Adding - And while in College do a lot for relevant projects.
    Vikas Patial

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    Default Best of luck


    Hard work is the only key

    Best of luck


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    Small piece of info ...

    ISRO and DRDO do their main recruitment via BTECH students of National level colleges. i.e. NITs and IITs (Not even MTECHs !). Try to get in their. If you can do that, you can easily sit for campus placements of ISRO/DRDO. Otherwise, you will have only one option left...i..e clearing their examination:SET, after completing ur BE and try your luck.
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    I cleared SET-2008, i am joining drdo as scientist :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by shobhitkukreti
    I cleared SET-2008, i am joining drdo as scientist :P
    That is great! Do tell us what the work ethics are there? Is it just another 9-5 job or something the scientists working there believe in?

    I know a lot of scientists in my line of business and am not too impressed with the work/research they do. I just wish we Indians invented, innovated, built more things. Especially, these government/semi-government research institutes.
    Mohit Mahajan,

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    Hi all,
    I totaly agree with what mohit is saying.

    Regards Akshay,
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    Hi Mohit, i have done 2 months internship/training at DRDO during my engineering. Though i was able to meet few senior scientists who actually were working,the others were happy with the pay they were getting. It is a 9-5 job. Anyways back to the point, I was not impressed, in fact had to face a lot of little trouble because i did not wish to work on what they asked me to. They are not working in anything new, it is still the old designs. Imagine this they were not aware of the 434Mhz RX-TX chips neither the other high end Rf chips. I had to tell them these things existed and they could use it in their design.

    If you are going to make a bi-directional visitor counter during your 2 months internship then God save this country, that is what my colleagues made. Labs are well equipped, plenty of things that can be done, but a little more effort is needed by every one starting from the top.

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