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Thread: swarm robotics -robot to robot communication

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    Default swarm robotics -robot to robot communication

    hi fellas..
    m doing a project based on swarm robotics the problem statement is that i have to maintain inter robot communiction(atleast 2 robots) such that if they are navigating in an area and if they happen to meet some obstacle then they interrupt each other by sending a message.
    now the problem is that i can make an autonomous obstacle avoiding robot ...but the inter robot communication part is the cause of worry.
    i have searched a lot about this ..but couldnt understand the things ,
    so can u guys please help me finding out a solution.

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    is ur concern the hardware part of the communication or the software part

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    Default actually both h/w and s/w

    the thing is that i have never dealt with IR comm. so can u plz tell how should the interfacing be done and will it be possible to control it using 8051 assembly lang.
    actually my HOD has asked me to do this project now i am not able to get any info about the interfacing and coding.
    if u have worked on some similar kind of project then can u plz share some info on it..

    another thing is that i have to work on some research based project dealing with robotics in which i have to also implement it on the h/ do u guys have some ideas involving AI ,neural n/w which might be possible to implement also???

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    Default does your TV know what to do when you punch some button??

    Use some specific code to identify each robot, use the interrupts to latch the specific control signals to the specific robot.

    You can use the RxdTxd of the 8051 too.

    Before all this, you have to learn some real programming......
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    Default Re: actually both h/w and s/w

    yes you can use 8051 assembly lang also insted of using ir communication you can go for cc2500 module. this module is widely available
    check the website

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    Default ..

    can this be done that whenever the two robots will come in front of each other they produce some kind of signal to show that they are freinds something like a buzzer or a disply on lcd.if yes then what an be done so that the robots identify each option is using image recogntion but for that processors and all require require great programming skills that too in MATLAB.can u give some other option.

    please suggest some AI based project on robotics.

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