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Thread: No business for Hobbist!

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    Charity work..? the plan
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    HI Guys,
    what happend to this gentle man "electronica " !!!! where is the cheap electronic stuff gone!!!!!whooh may be gone with the time wrap or was it just an attempt to findout how to setup a business for selling kits!!!

    any ways guys there is a shop in Nehru place selling electronic components going out of business. A little bit of the history of this . There used to be a popular shop called Industrial Electronics in Nehru Place , this was on the back side of the building whereKits and Spare was located may be this was 7-10yrs back. This shop closed in 2003-2004 as the owner of this shop died. Following this one of the employee of Industrial Electronics started on his own in the basement of one of the building in nehru place. This new shop was called Industrial Components. Incently this fellow is going/gone out of business as these days there is no substantail demand for electronic component!!!

    Any one interested in buying active and passive compents in bulk can contact him as he has to vacate the shop and go. I will post his address and phone number and email ID (I can't find his business card at the moment). This could be for any one starting his own lab or a robotic shop!!!!


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    I went to that shop once 3 years back, it was there then, but the location was not good enough to attract customers for spare parts. I think i posted the address in the vendor thread.

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    Hi Guys I got the address and the contact details for the shop

    They are:-
    Sudesh, Das
    Industrial Components
    B1/14, Manjusha Building, 57 , Nehru Place,
    Ph: 9899262966,9990129132


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