Hi all,
I till now always thought that the range of rf signal depends upon the wave.For example if i use a normal 433Mhz transmitter i can work within the range of 80-100mts.But then after reading tons of books on RF transmission & recieving i learned that its not the wave on which the range depends but its the power of transmitter ie how long(distance) can you send waves.As soon as i read this the first that i came in my mind was that when we listen to radio its generally between 90-108 Mhz which is less than 433 Mhz.So its the power of the transmitter.

A normal rf module used by us has power in milliwatts & radio stations have power in megawatts. Thats where the difference lies.Now i have a dought that the power lies in the rf module that we use?Can the same rf module be used for tranmitting signal 400mts far?What are the basic components used for increasing power of transmission.After researching on this topic on internet i found some useful circuits which can be used for high level transmission.I am thinking on working on this & making a project.

Another problem that arises is that i need a amateur radio license group 1A(Granted by the air navigation academy of india,I dont know the correct name of the institution).Group 1A means i allowed to work in range of 150mts-800mts.If i don't have the lincense & i'm caught in non flying zone ,I'll be taken on remand by the police.My house & my school is in non flying zone.

The main questions that i have are:

Does power of transmission lies in the RF module?If not,Then where does it lie?

What are basic components used for increasing the power of transmission?

Can a normal rf module be used for high level transmission?If yes,then
what range?

I'm thinking of making a project on this topic.Should i get a license made?
What will be the estimated cost of this project?

If any body has worked on some of this kind of project please E-mail me your Numbers so that i can clear my doughts?

Note:I might be wrong in the theory of power transmission as this what i understood after reading books.If you think i'm wrong somewhere please correct me & telll me the correct fundamentals.

Reagrds Akshay,