View Poll Results: What lead Techfest IIT mumbai to stop micromouse?

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  • There defeat in previous event by srilanka.

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  • You agree with coordinators that people are not taking interest.

    1 11.11%
  • Techfest has become a commercial entity now.

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Thread: No more Micromouse at IITB Techfest

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    give me 5 years... I am going to start one..


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    sorry for wrong info
    i got a new mail in the morning today from coordinator saying that THERE WILL BE NO MICROMOUSE THIS YEAR...
    i am sorry too for posting wrong information

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    Default we condemn the decision strongly...

    I am a pass out, but i made micromouse for three years. and this year it is shocking that there is no micromouse in techfest. and there is no convincing reason for it. i read somewhere that " micromouse is now saturated", i say its bullshit! this is just the start. we have to do much better. somewhere else i read "indian micromouse sucks", maybe its true, but then just stopping the event is not at all the correct move! how is that going to help?? 'we cant do it well, so lets just stop trying!!' what the hell??

    for me, i believe that micromouse is the biggest event in the whole world and hence has most resources on internet, and through that an engineering student learns a lot, and hence it should be promoted, not stopped!

    i condemn this decision strongly, and whoever has made this decision must be a parochial sophomore, who understands only the entertainment part in an event and nothing else.

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