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Thread: ARP - Robot / Motor Shield ( L293D Based )

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    Default ARP - Robot / Motor Shield ( L293D Based )


    Here is a motor/Robot Shield ive designed for ARP ( Arduino / Freeduino compaitable.)

    Some features -

    1. Uses 4 Pins - 2 PWM based speed control and 2 for direction
    2. Allows Dual Source functionling , also allows main board to be powered by battery.
    3. Direction LED's
    4. Easy 3 pin connections for all sensors / servos.
    5. L293d upto 600 ma , piggy it for 1.2 A .
    6. Single sided to lower costs.
    7. Stackable.

    If you have Ideas do let me know before i get this made in bulk .
    Vikas Patial

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    great deisign especially stackable

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    To Whom It May Concern,

    I am verry interested in this shield for the arduino. This may sound funny, but I need a controller to automate my chicken coop door. I am new to the arduino as well as to making my own circuit boards. I downloaded the file with the Eagle schematics and the circuit diagram. The parts list is confusing. Can you point me in the right direction to acquire the parts? Is this pasically a plug and play board? How to I interface this with the Arduino? I have the Bare Boneds Boarduino, will fitt? or do I just need to plug it into the breadboard? Please email me at

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