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Thread: Free Workshops online ??? why not

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    Default Free Workshops online ??? why not

    Hi Guys been a Lurker here for a while , so thought would post ...

    I like the concept of ARP , It will i think help bring down the prices and may stop online shops from fleecing students. Cheapest kit right now with a base is around RS 1700 which is pretty useless.

    Anyhow coming back why dont you stop So Called robotics companies from taking courses and charging people heavily.

    Give them Say a online course kind of thing , where they can Learn everything themselves. Even if a few stop wasting money on these workshops itll be great. Maybe help college kids like me conduct workshops ... . Rs 3500 - 5000 / workshop each is huge for me i can not afford to give this.

    This along with ARP might help a lot of us . Just thinking ....

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    honestly speaking, workshops are a waste of time. everything is online, circuit diagrams, datasheets, assembly guides, programming manuals, forums. I dont understand the need to be so spoon-fed.

    But thats my own point of view. if it helps someone who wouldnt have been helped otherwise, thats a purpose solved.

    Online courses are a farce, we already have articles on the website but how many members know that or even tried to look for them?

    I have given up asking members for articles. I have almost given up answering the forums because of lazy one time posters who think its awesome to just straight away ask questions without looking if they have already been asked and answered in the past.

    So bottom line, I do not think that online courses will work or bring money.


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