I personally have seen students around the world tinkering with robots and learning from it

I agree that if you make something from scratch, the learning experience is has no substitute. However, what I have also observer (and this is not only in India) that if we always do everything from scratch, the growth is hampered.

Robotics is not only about the mechanics and electronics. A major chunk (which is growing now) is the computer science involved. Physics, Maths, Logic are all modeled in this software which give rise to AI, Behaviour based systems, Hi Level Control, Interaction and what not

The new world robotics have all this and demand all this!

In India especially, we still are stuck with micromouse, line following and other such classical problems. We need to grow beyond this and one of the ways I feel is to use kits where the basics are ready to use....

This eventually boils down to LEGO, Fischertechnik, Bioloid, etc

Yes, they are too expensive for individual students to afford, but then that's another story