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Thread: Need Caterpillar Tracks

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    Default Need Caterpillar Tracks

    Hey guys, I'm looking for caterpillar tracks. Can u suggest some manufacturer or supplier other than Robokits or TRI? The tracks available with Robokits & TRI don't meet my requirements. I need tracks which have a good grip on majority of the surfaces. Cost is not an issue.


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    Whats the Idea behind multiple postings ??? :evil: ... Its called spamming and is hated universally.

    First time posting in a forum ? or were living in a cave ? :evil:
    Vikas Patial

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    I'm kinda disappointed with da reply dat I got 4m Vikas.
    My idea was just to get more people to read my post, jst like it caught ur attention da very first day.
    My requirement is urgent dats wat was da reason for my multiple posts. If u guys dont like it then i'll avoid it in future.

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    that may be right that u were in need but you could call and solve your probs...
    spamming is hated and as a moderator Vikas is right at his place..
    he holds a quite tough job so its a bit tough to be calm always...

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