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Thread: Where to start..

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    Default Where to start..

    I am new to the world of robotics.I don't know where to start.Please help me..

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    start from arduino

    vikas is going to launch roboshop for providing affordable robotic platform.
    He is going to provide most cheapest arduino board in the world.

    If you want a diy try building gogoboard

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    unnikrishnan, if you realize, this question has been asked on the forums and answered in a million ways since february 20th 2004.

    It would be really helpful for us if you can go through the forums,spend some time on that , and then ask us something that you got stuck at in detail.

    some good examples are :

    1.) Hi, I was trying to make this certain programmer and got stuck at ......

    2.) I recently bought some product from ABC company and when I connected it to the PC, I got this error....

    3.) I was programming this awesome robot and wanted it to take over humanity, but the AI just doesnt learn.. I am using this algo..., what do you think the problem is that stops my robot from total world domination?


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    I was programming this awesome robot and wanted it to take over humanity
    :lol: :lol: :lol:

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    A zero budget solution is to start with RoboCode i think

    Its free and open source --- and you can program your own behaviours and put them on your robots

    Really Cool


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    ok in all the replies i did not see what you needed. so here are a few tips.

    1. start with manual robotic where u use dc motors and switches and loads of wires to make simple manual bots that can move around lift things and push and pull. that will give you a littel hang of things if u are a newbie. you have 2 options either you can move onto simple wireless bots or autonomous.

    3. For autonomous: Buy a simple development board with a usb programmer . i would suggest an atmega 16 or 32 board by deccan robotics i think that board is good for beginners. also buy the lcd and other peripherals that you want . you can talk to these guys on the phone and they have no shipping charges above a certain order value.

    then try Bascom for programming the controller it has amazing ready made modules and a very friendly interface.

    learn to use lcds , sensors and servo and stepper motors then you can make simple line followers and micro mouse and if you work hard enough then also walking bots.

    4. for wireless just get the circuit from the net and buy the components and try it out


    workshop india team

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    Default for beginners

    also i forgot to mention that you can simulate almost all code in bascom try it its awesome

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    i'm also a fan of bascom.
    Redefine it your way!!!!

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    i am too . I mean i can develop all the simple bots using bascom but then when it comes to more advanced bots i use avr studio as i need c .

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    @ workshopindia - stop blatantly promoting your site. If you want to then just add a simple link to your signature.
    Vikas Patial

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